Before and After

These photos show what a difference planting makes.

Previously eroding and boggy areas are now planted with native species.


Riparian planting dramatically improves water quality in streams.


Keeping stock out of waterways is better for the stock and the land.

The harbour is now in dramatically better health than before.

The seagrass is recovering well – a really good sign.

As well as making a major difference to water quality in the harbour, there are numerous benefits for farmers:

  • Reduced stock loss in wet areas
  • Reduced vet bills
  • Reduced soil loss
  • Reduced drain digger bills
  • Reduced weed control
  • Improved stock health
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased pasture quality
  • Increased stocking rates
  • Improved fertiliser control
  • Improved shade and shelter for stock
  • Improved stock movement