“I have learned from their [Harbour Care] ethos and incorporated them into my farming systems.

Everybody should have an eye for the future, and make a start on protecting their waterways. As long as they make a start, they are going to make some progress and over time perhaps all water sheds will be protected and it makes good sense for a commercial business as well – its sustainable over time.”

David Peacocke – Land Owner, Raglan

“One of the most celebrated of the communities that WWF has helped fund through its Habitat Protection Fund is Raglan’s Whaingaroa Harbour Care project which has seen its environment and local economy revive symbiotically.

Ten years ago, Whaingaroa Harbour was a brown, septic calamity. Flounder catches had plummeted, and the snapper had all but disappeared. Surfers complained of ulcers from the polluted waters. Posters appeared in town asking; “Does anybody Care?” Sixty cared enough to come to a public meeting, and … a million plants later, Whaingaroa is conservation history and a green cause celebre.”

WWF website – article from Sept 2008