David Peacocke on benefits of Harbour Care work - Kiwi Maara

David Peacocke talks about working with Harbour Care, the benefits for his farm and the value of thinking for the future (1:52)

TVNZ - Grassroots

David and Nicki Peacocke's farm is featured in this clip about fencing and planting to protect the water quality in the Whaingaroa Harbour. (7:27)

Prime TV News

Local fishermen explain how Harbour Care's work has improved the water quality in the harbour and made a big difference to the fishing. (2:39)

TVNZ - Breakfast

Local dairy farmer Mike Moss talks about some of the benefits of working with Harbour Care. (3:36)

TV3 - No. 8 Wired

Clip about Harbour Care's work, includes footage of our nursery. (4:08)