What we do

It’s not rocket science. We collect local seeds, grow native trees and plant them densely alongside waterways, creating a buffer between land and water. We have a 95% success rate with our plantings.

Our before and after page shows what a difference these plantings make.

Riparian planting reduces run-off of silt, livestock manure and nutrients from adjacent pastures into streams and harbours and improves water quality. There are also additional benefits for wildlife, landscape values, employment, and recreational/tourism benefits for the local community.

Overseas markets are increasingly demanding improvements in farming practices and environmental performance. In the Whaingaroa catchment, more than 40 farmers have participated by fencing and planting an estimated 450km of riparian areas.


…and why

After 18 years of riparian management, we’ve seen water quality improve dramatically in the Whaingaroa harbour. Whitebait catches have increased from 1/2 cup per day to 1/2 bucket per day. Likewise recreational fishing catches have improved. Mudflats previously barren of life are now teeming with crabs, shellfish & wading birds.